SUBMITTERS COMMENT: I don’t have a picture, but I still keep seeing people defending piercing guns, and I thought I should share a little story. 
When I was about 10, I really wanted my ears pierced, so my mum took me to Claires. Not the first time I’d had my ears pierced either, but being younger I’d taken them out. 
It wasn’t something my mum did lightly, I’d mithered her for months, and she’d been to Claires before to ask how safe it was.
So anyway, as soon as I’d got them pierced, they were angry red and sore as hell, but I didn’t think anything of it, apparently the burn was ‘normal’ but after a week, they were still red, and swollen. So swollen, in fact, the back of the too small earring they’d put into my ear had completely disappeared. 
Guess where I ended up next? If you guessed A&E, you were right. Four hours of people painfully digging into my ear, trying to get the earring out, and nothing.
So I had to have surgery, on my ear. And it gets even better, because they didn’t take out the back of the earring, which is still floating around, inside my ear.
My other ear is so badly scarred from the piercing gun that I can never have them pierced again.

WHATS AWFUL: I had to have freaking surgery! And there’s an earring back in my ear, and when I went on holiday a few years later, I set off a metal detector and had to spend 10 minutes explaining to security why my ear was full of metal. Plus, the wicked bad scarring. 

HOW IT CAN BE FIXED: Don’t get your ears pierced with a piercing gun, unless you like horrific scarring and the possibility of surgery.  


I fucking love body modifications, but my kids are getting piercings from a professional piercer, and after they are old enough to make the decision to get them done.
None of this piercing an infants ears bullshit, thanks.  

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